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Our Product

The Card Game  is based on snap, a format that most people are familiar with. On each card is either a question, a prompt, a feel-good statement, or a quote which the players will take turns to read out, then answer. Players have the option to opt-out of answering a question or completing a prompt if they feel uncomfortable.

Along with our game, we provide a list youth helplines. Our game is not a counseling tool, and those who need professional help should know where to find it.

Our Mission

We believe that, through gamification, we can truly destigmatize this conversation, as we're making it fun, instead of daunting. The 'snap' element makes it fast-paced, and the questions and prompts provoke deep, thought-provoking discussions.

Through this, we aim to tackle an issue that's crippling a generation, that's affecting kiwi youth in particular. We have some of the highest teen suicide rates in the world.  We are globally renowned for being clean, green, and progressive, but beneath the surface, we have a serious problem embedded into our culture that's killing our youth. 

We hope that this game can be helpful to someone, that it'll encourage them to be open and forthcoming about their feelings with their friends and family. 

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